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Session Chair List of the CIPA 2015
Topics Session Chair
Name Organization
A. Data Acquisition and Recording Techniques: 
A-1 Laser scanning and 3D imaging Mario Santana Carleton University
To be invited  
A-2 Mobile Mapping Applications Fuan Tsai National Central University
A-3 Photogrammetric recording with 3D cameras Pierre Grussenmeyer Nat. Inst. of Applied Sciences of Strasbourg
José Luis Lerma Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)
A-4 Underwater cultural heritage David Gregory Senior Researcher, Conservation department, the National Museum of Denmark
B. Platform, data-based and application: 
B-1 GIS tools and applications Bor-Wen Tsai National Taiwan University
Chiung-Min Tsai National Taiwan University
B-2 Web-based application An-Rong Dang Tsinghua University
B-3 Portals and Digital Libraries Raphaële Héno Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographiques
B-4 Digital Heritage Inventories David Myers Getty Conservation Institute
C. Digital processing and modeling: 
C-1 Post processing Fabio Remondino Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Fulvio Rinaudo Politecnico di Torino
C-2 Digital 3D modeling Klaus Hanke University of Innsbruck
C-3 Modeling methods for architecture and archaeology Andreas Georgopoulos National Technical University of Athens
Christian Ouimet Heritage Conservation Directorate PWGSC
D. Application: 
D-1 Remote sensing techniques for archaeological protection Michael Doneus University of Vienna
D-2 Applications of BIM-HBIM Stephen Fai Carleton University
D-3 Disaster prevention and monitoring Rohit Jigyasu Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Koenraad Van Balen K.U.Leuven
D-4 Technologies aimed at preventive maintenance and monitoring of sites Pierre Smars National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
E. Special session and Case study: 
E-1 Cultural heritage conservation on globalization and localization Cliff Ogleby University of Melbourne
Rémi Wei-Chou Wang National Taipei University of Technology
E-2 Multi-cooperation for cultural heritage conservation Marinos Ioannides Cyprus University of Technology
E-3 Cross border for cultural heritage conservation Rand Eppich Tecnalia Technology Corporation
E-4 Integration, conservation on tangible and intangible cultural heritage Ana Almagro Vidal Fundación Montemadrid
E-5 Intangible Cultural Heritage capture and documentation Nikos Grammalidis Centre for Research and Technology Hellas Information Technologies Institute
E-6 Island cultural heritage Yao-Ru Chen Cheng Shiu University
E-7 Museum and exhibition technology Su-Fen Yen National Palace Museum
E-8 Museum and landscape Shang-Chia Chiou National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
F. Education and Training 
F-1 Teaching and learning Tsung-Juang Wang National Taipei University of Technology
F-2 Communication Minna Sliver Mardin Artuklu University
F-3 Serious Games Panagiotis Petridis Serious Games Institute
G. Cultural Heritage as Collateral Damage in Conflicts
G-1 Cultural Heritage as Collateral Damage in Conflicts Ana Almagro Vidal Fundación Montemadrid