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CIPA 2015 Symposium: Recording, Documentation and Cooperation for Cultural Heritage

CIPA Heritage Documentation is a dynamic international organization that has twin responsibilities: keeping up with technology and ensuring its usefulness for cultural heritage conservation, education and dissemination.  This dual role linking Culture and Science is exhibited in our parent organizations - ICOMOS - International Council of Monuments and Sites and - ISPRS - International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

CIPA accomplishes these two sometimes conflicting goals in a variety of ways. CIPA’s bi-annual congress provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, best practices as well as scientific research papers. Our XXV CIPA Symposium to be held in Taipei, Taiwan, will be a unique opportunity to listen to key figures in cultural heritage documentation and conservation from around the world.

Consider submitting either a full paper for peer-review or extended abstract (deadline is February 28, 2015). Both sets of papers will be published in the ISPRS Annals and ISPRS Archives. We invite you to get to know CIPA and attend our symposium.

Andreas Georgopoulos, CIPA President

Alex Ya-Ning Yen, Symposium Chair